Stucco Installation & Repair in Ada, OK

Stone SidingOur siding repair and stucco installation contractors in Ada, OK are Dryvit licensed EIFS and stone installers and have more than 34 years of home improvements under their belt. We take pride in leaving our customers with the highest level of service and consistency.

Big or small, our siding repair and stucco installation services guarantee that you’ll love the newest addition to your home.

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EIFSWe specialize in stone siding and exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS) in Ada, Fitzhugh, Stonewall, Home, and Pontotoc County, OK, with numerous options to choose from. From indoor fireplaces to exterior siding, we are here to improve the look and feel of your home in a way that’s unique to you.

Not sure where to start? No problem!

Visit our in-house show room or browse the internet to find an idea you’ll love to add to your home. From contemporary to eclectic, we offer a wide variety of styles to match the look of your décor and style.

Rooms We’ll Improve

  • Basement
  • Bath
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Entryway
  • Garage/Shed
  • Gym
  • Hallway
  • Home Bar
  • Home Office
  • Laundry
  • Living Room
  • Outdoor
  • Staircase
  • Storage/Closet
  • Exterior
  • Kitchen
  • Wine Cellar
  • Sunroom

Match Your Style

  • Asian
  • Beach Style
  • Contemporary
  • Craftsman
  • Southwestern
  • Industrial
  • Mediterranean
  • Midcentury
  • Modern
  • Scandinavian
  • Traditional
  • Victorian
  • Transitional
  • Tropical
  • Lakehouse
  • Farmhouse
  • Rustic
  • Shabby-Chic Style
  • Eclectic
  • Cabin

Stucco & Stone Repairs

Does your stucco or stone siding need a repair? Don’t panic—we’ve got you covered. Snyder’s Stucco and Stone LLC starts by identifying the cause of the damage to prevent it from happening again. Cracks form due to building settling or direct damage to the exterior coating. Water damage is also a common occurrence, causing the stucco to begin to buckle and crack.

Depending on the degree of the damage, a variety of repairs may need to be made. Cracks can be sealed with a new layer of coating, while patching may need a bit more attention. With our siding repair and stucco installation services, our stone installers guarantee to repair the materials flawlessly, to erase damaged restore your home to its original condition.

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